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The purpose of our after-sales service system is to provide efficient, comprehensive, professional and attentive after-sales service to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

1.Set up a dedicated after-sales service line to provide 24-hour online consulting services to provide customers with fast and accurate technical support and services.

2.Provide technical knowledge training and guidance services:providing customers with operation guides, maintenance manuals, and free technical knowledge training.

3.Provide regular maintenance and service:our engineers will go abroad from time to time to inspect the customer's site, check the performance and operation status of the color sorter, and find and solve potential problems in time.

4.Provide spare parts service: 1 years warranty for the whole machine and spare parts of the color sorter.During the warranty period, the company will send all spare parts free of charge with the fastest speed in case of non-human damage.

5.Regularly upgrade and update equipment software and hardware systems to ensure continuous upgrading of equipment performance and functionality.

6.Set up a customer service feedback mechanism, collect customer feedback and opinions by telephone, email, website and other means, and make timely and reasonable responses and improvements.


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